Weirdly specific dating sites

“When someone expresses an interest in you, whether it’s with a message, a ‘like’ or a ‘wink’ it’s like ‘BOOM! It’s this little daily self-esteem boost – A way of flirting with no consequences and without even having the leave the house”.I ask her how she met the last man she went on a real date with.Sometimes, though, the subsets get quite specialized.That’s right, even the G-rated online dating services can get oddly specific.A study by Chicago University in 2013 also found that couples who meet online are 25 per cent less likely to end in divorce or separation than those that began through friends or chance.In a bid to pour some clarity on the issue, I investigated the vast and (occasionally) terrifying world of dating websites.For some, a romantic partner's eating habits and dietary restrictions could be critical.

Yet with the online dating industry worth £170 million by 2012, and a 2014 study predicting that more than half of couples will meet in the digital world in 20 years’ time, it’s clear that dating websites have an enduring appeal.This, of course, is great news for those with celiac disease (a gluten sensitivity), but lately non-celiac individuals have been avoiding gluten like it’s the plague.Fortunately for gluten-free daters, there are some online singles communities that are dedicated to finding your perfect anti-gluten match. Before you know it, you two will be combining your doomsday stockpiles. If you’re wild about peeling, preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skin of dead animals but find that the average man or woman out there just doesn’t understand you, then join an online taxidermy singles community. A place where the Crazy Cat Lad or Lady can go to find love.We all know Jack Sprat who could eat no fat and his wife who could eat no lean style couples who have wildly different eating habits yet manage to be in love and most of us probably wouldn't give a damn if our romantic partners were vegan or kosher or only ate buttery noodles, but most of us would also probably agree that eating is a huge part of our lives.Dining is a bonding experience and sharing food with someone you love can be surprisingly nice.

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So you say e Harmony leaves you feeling a little blasé? Not to worry: An explosion of niche dating sites is making it possible for picky date-seekers to find, well, just about anyone.

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