Updating the who guidelines on community noise

Updating the who guidelines on community noise

This new document identifies reductions in IQ as the critical effect of lead, with a proposed MAC of 0.005 mg/L (5 µg/L) based on analytical achievability. It provides updated data and information related to exposure to lead in Canada, to analytical methods and to treatment approaches available at the municipal and residential scales. We admire the original design of these homes and it’s always satisfying to breathe new life into them -allowing them to be useful, inspiring homes for another 50 or 60 years.Remodeling an MCM home differs from remodeling just any old house though.If you already have a Logos (or Libronix) account and cannot remember your Logos (or Libronix) Customer ID or password, contact Logos support at 800-875-6467 to recover your Customer ID and password.

Over the last decade we’ve spent quite a bit of time and energy remodeling mid-century modern homes (MCMs).There are a number of differences to understand about MCM homes- characteristics that make them unique.The materials and methods common in the 1950’s were distinctive and relatively consistent.Every point of view has the right to be expressed, if freedom of speech is to be a reality, but every view does not have the right to be expressed everywhere.In order to have a quiet place, noise must be absent.

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