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Doric order dating

Known examples include those at Athens, Olympia, Eleusis, and Priene......

capital,in architecture, the crowning member of a column, pilaster, or pier.

Revivals of Classicism have also brought about renewed interest in the architectural styles of ancient Greece.

While the three orders of Greek architecture are most easily recognizable by their capitals, the orders also governed the form, proportions, details, and relationships of the columns, entablature, pediment, and stylobate.

It acts as the bearing member beneath the lintel or arch supported by the shaft and has a spreading contour appropriate to its function......

It is true that, even if the Greeks borrowed the idea of the Doric Order from the Egyptians, they transformed it by the changes they made until it was glorified into a type almost absolutely original.The entablature, which is generally about one third the column height, consists of a plain architrave, a frieze ornamented with channeled triglyphs between which are square spaces or metopes sometimes used for sculpture, and a cornice.The cornice has projecting blocks or mutules in its exposed lower surface or soffit, above which is a plain vertical face or corona, finished by a group of crowning moldings.Not much is known about this temple, and whether or not it was still under construction when it was destroyed has been disputed.Its massive foundations were made of limestone, and the columns were made of Pentelic marble, a material that was utilized for the first time.

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