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For Imholte, a mother of three young children, reaching for a dream that sat way back in her mind began to take life about a year ago when she finally said, “I’m doing it.”“I was always outside playing with the boys, making forts and and stuff,” said Imholte, who loved growing up in the country. Imholte ran cross country, even going on to compete in college as she studied to become a nurse.“Fitness was really an important part of my life,” she said.

“When I was in college, I remember looking at these magazines of women bodybuilders and thought how cool it would be to do that.” In fact, when her husband, Kyle Imholte, first met and began dating the tall, dark-haired athlete, he remembers hearing about her dream.“We were just talking about ourselves, getting to know each other, and she told me, ‘I want to do a fitness competition one day’, and I think I gave her one of those looks like..cute,” he said, adding that even after the two were married in 2006, April mentioned the idea a few more times.

Detroit Lakes bodybuilder April Imholte (center) took first place in the open figure category at the Upper Midwest Bodybuilding Competition, while also taking second place in the overall figure division.

D-RAY PHOTOGRAPHYDetroit Lakes woman April Imholte stands in front of a mirror to take a photo of herself.

April first worked as a nurse full time before settling in as a stay at home mom.“Fitness was still important to me, but once we had kids, it kind of got lost in the shuffle,” she said.

“You get super busy, and you really don’t put yourself on the priority list.”Last April, nine months after having their third child, Imholte decided to get back into shape by doing something other than running.“I kept hearing everybody talk about Dion’s (Dangerzone Gym) and thought I’d maybe give that a try,” said Imholte, who was nervous about trying the boxing-style workout.“She came in, and I remember she had a kid with her,” said Dion Sgro, owner of the gym.

That’s why I love challenges like the 100 burpee challenge so much, or taking on a crazy hard skill like handstand push ups or pull ups—because putting your energy into your workout successes rather than focusing solely about how you look is a much more empowering and (and in my mind) worthwhile goal.

'I spent about two hours at the gym six days a week,' she said, adding that she would do 30 minutes to an hour of cardio a day, as well as weight lifting.

'Each muscle group had at least one designated day of the week.

So it wasn't that I was out of shape that got me into fitness. ' These questions intrigued me, and the beautiful physiques and strong mentalities of certain fitness and figure athletes and female bodybuilders inspired me.

I wanted to answer these questions for myself and so I started weightlifting and doing What made you decide to start competing?

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Olympia Weekend, arguably the biggest weekend of the year for bodybuilders and bikini competitors where they compete for titles like Mr. In fact, I’d never even been because of the incredible variety of activities there.

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